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Fujiwara Kaoru Come back!

I've been a fan of Fujiwara Kaoru's works for a very long time and I was disappointed that she stopped creating more works because of the plagiarism issue. In fact, I thought she was gone for good, it's been around 7 years or so now finally back with a new series called Sono Saki no Fuukei currently serialized in Feel Young magazine since 2010. Interesting enough though she takes long breaks before releasing the next chapter, as far as I know the 2nd chapter was released in the Feel Young 2011 edition. Let's hope she continues to create more works for those of us who are fans.

My first impression of this new manga was that her art remained the same changed slightly but barely noticeable, which is a really good thing because her art style fits well with her storytelling. It irritates me sometimes when manga-kas change their art style to target a certain group of people, such as shoujo manga with the really big eyes and such. Of course, I do realize that overtime the style of art may change and that's just something that can't be helped. It just makes me sad sometimes because there are a few artists who started off with beautiful styles of art then later on it becomes something completely different even ugly. As for the storytelling she doesn't seem to have lost her touch there's still that air of dark ambience. Her stories are always twisted its kinda hard to explain, but this makes her works standout from among other manga-kas.


Anyways, I was able to get my hands on the "Japanese" raws for this manga, so here's my attempt at explaining what I think is going on in chapter 01. My Japanese is extremely poor, but that doesn't mean I'm completely clueless either. From what I read the girl with the dark hair is the younger sister of the man (above) and the other light haired girl is obviously his girlfriend/lover. The sister suffers from a bad heart condition and her doctor tells her that she can't have sex or she may die. She keeps dreaming that she is dead while a man is holding her. Here's the disturbing part the "man" in her dream looks awfully like her brother and her brother has a weird fetish for making his lover/girlfriend sleep/pose like a dead person. The brother does ask his younger sister about her "strange dreams" of course, she tells him that she doesn't remember. How weird is that...to tell her older brother she's having dreams of a man holding her while she's dead...I think not. This story reminds me of Fujiwara Kaoru's twisted incest story with the father and daughter I think it was called All of Sully/Lily.
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