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Too Long!

It's been a year since I last updated my livejournal page. Well lots of things happened, obviously. It's been almost a whole year since I lost someone dear to me. It's surprising how time flies, but I can never forget what happend. How could I, the funeral was held right after my birthday and she died 6 days before my birthday just 3 days before her birthday. My cousin also gave birth to her baby daughter on the funeral day. Its probably just all coincidental, but I can't help thinking that it was a sign. This was the first time I've ever lost someone dear to me and it makes me sad that she will never know how much people cried for her because people are too busy with life that they don't take the time to show their love to that person until its too late. I've realized that nowdays the word "love" is so over used. A classmate once told me she "loved everyone in class." I remember thinking to me myself "no you don't" don't mistake "sympathy" for "love" its not the same thing. Love means you're willing to sacrifice yourself for someone else be that feelings or work. The mere words like "love" means nothing to me unless their love is shown through their actions only then will I call that love. Love is "work" not in the sense that is obligatory, but the fact that you're letting go of your selfisness to care and respect that person despite knowing thier flaws. That's why I find "love at first sight" to be ludicrious.

Okay, on to less depressing news. I still haven't given up on my collection, though I admit there were several times where I told myself to give up that hobby, but in the end it came out victorious when I found new Circles and fandoms. I've completely given up on collecting newer fandoms for the newer anime/manga/game etc. series, but I have been going back to find other unknown Circles for my older fandoms like Rurouni Kenshin and Escaflowne. All these new stuff just don't interest me at all. :P Also I found out that for one of my older fandoms I became a real "crack pairing" fan. I had started out as a fan of the main pairing in the anime and I still am, but now I'm also a crack pairing fan, so that means there's more to buy. T.T

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