habaekai (habaekai) wrote,

Woah it's been long...

It's been a couple months since the last time I've updated and I guess with blogger/wordpress/forums/tumblr/twitter one just can't keep up with all those social networks. Yes, I know I'm like many people I always end up having a bunch of blogs or whatever so now I don't use livejournal that much. But I'm planning to be more active on here though I wasn't that much to begin with. My point is this place is kind of special to me since I still have that small connection to other still active LJ users. :D Plus livejournal was my very first(?) ever "blog" so I think it's cool to keep this place still going. :D Honestly I don't think I have that much readers, but I don't care since I'm just writing crap that pertains to me and I don't really care about trying to make my journal "attractive" to people. I'm just me, being me. :D

My doujinshi collection is ever growing...though slowly since I've been more careful about spending.^^;;; Trust me doujinshi collecting is addictive, it really sucks your wallet dry. T.T As for Drama CDs, during the past year 1/2 there was a sudden craze for drama cds, though I was pretty obsessed(?) before. The craze has died down for now, so hopefully nothing perks my interest this year. :(

Well that's all for now. sexysolo

Maybe next time I should share some of my new doujinshi.  XD
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