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Ozmafia!! Impressions

I just finished playing Ozmafia!! 2 days ago since my game didn't arrive until 2 1/2 weeks after the official release. *whew* This game felt so long because of the various choice selections. I'm very impressed that this game was created by only 2 people. I didn't run into any trouble with the system and with the new patch everything went smoothly. The storyline was very humorous. :D Poni-Pachet SY added unexpected surprises to their characters, which I found very enjoyable when a character turned out different than what I had expected. I also thought this game would be light and fluffy, but I was wrong especially during the brothel route I felt should be 17+. My favorite characters in order would be Axel, Caesar, Kyrie, Scarlet, Paschet, So, Robin Hood, Hameln, Caramia, & Manboy.

I really liked Axel's character because I found him very adorable. But I didn't like his first route when he lost his heart and then getting it back in the end, the ending seemed to end too abruptly. :( I ranked Caesar number 2 because I liked his character design the most and I liked his endings, followed by Kyrie. He surprised me since he was the queen, bully, and jerk -type so I usually stay away from those characters, but I found his character to be very amusing. But one thing I'm really debating about is did he really love Fuka? I mean after reading the "grand finale" I just had this weird feeling that he's a pedobear. He will always only love Dorthy? It seems that way since he said he would never forget her and is the only one who remembers her when everyone forgot. So that makes Fuka Dorthy's replacement?
Scarlet and Paschet are tied even since I liked their character designs and character personalities, but I don't like to capture "little boys" and I'm not in interested in girls. So,was okay I don't have anymore words. You get it so-so? I didn't like Robin Hood's route, he used her then ended up with her. It just kept making me think like "do you really love her, even though you decided to move on after your wife died?" He kept confirming Fuka's love for him, but he never actually confirmed his love for her in the end (if I'm wrong correct me on that). Sure he told her he liked her too, but tricked her so it just made his credibility very low in my eyes. Hameln's "route" was... I guess it was just there I wasn't interested in it at all. As for Caramia I felt like he was too older-brother type of guy, but later on I ended up hating his character when I learned he was sleeping  around with hoes. :P Lastly, Manboy was ranked last  although I would have ranked him much higher if it wasn't for the 2 brothel guys in his route. It's actually not his ending, but their ending including Alfani and Dorian Gray the 2 brothel guys. Alfani was a slut but is to be expected since he's the #1 prostitute. Dorian Gray was... well he's a oyaji-creeper, the only "sort-of-normal" guy was Manboy. Sadly though the 2 brothel brothers come as a package, so I say no to that. :P

My complaints would be that I wanted full voice for all characters including Fuka and scene replays. I know I can always go back to replay the character routes or load scenes from saved files (a lot) if I wanted to see the scenes again, but it just get's a bit tiresome. ^^;;;

Also I'm kind of pissed at the "grand ending" because it makes everything that happened "you choosing the guy" worthless. I mean Caesar is gone so there' no more love. You find out that Kyrie actually loves Dorthy and using Fuka as a substitute? So actually ends up with Dorthy cause he doesn't want her to be alone. There's just so much contradiction...I can't say that I like this game that much anymore.

I guess Axel will be the only character I like out of this whole game. I liked his character design second only to Caesar and I liked his story. The NTR routes in his routes were heart wrenching cause I felt so bad for him. T.T And off course I love Satoi's art!!! XD

I wouldn't say this game was a waste of my money since the reason I purchased this game was for Satoi's art. But I wouldn't say this is my favorite game either. So sad, I was really looking forward to having an awesome romance game. Instead I get a bunch of hoes, a dumb heroine, and a terrible grand ending. I wished the Grand Ending wasn't there, instead Dorthy's story should be in the main story. I didn't want Caesar gone and I didn't like Kyrie's revelation that he's probably a pedobear. :P

Next time in the future I hope Satoi's art ends up in a good game. I didn't like diabolik lovers either. :P

Ugh I'm so disappointed I feel like stopping otome gaming permanently...:(

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! How could you do this to me I was so looking forward to this game?!?!!! щ(ಥДಥщ)


....I had to revise my post after reading some reviews cause my Japanese is rather poor...:P I found out things I wish I shouldn't have...T.T

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