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Sakuragatari -Otome Game R18

Yeah, I'm playing Sakuragatari right now and let's just say I'm disappointed partly due to the fact that the amount of cgs for each character is low. This game costs around $90-$100 and I was expecting it to have a lot of cgs with variety. Yet, I get a game where only 1 character gets 19 cgs, the other 18, and the rest 13-14, with barely any variety to each cg! This game is not worth that much money, the smut scenes were mediocre at best, so all you girls who were anticipating for this--I know you are, will be disappointed. :P Seriously, I've played doujin games that were better than this. I had complaints for Koezaru wa Akai as well since I thought each character didn't have much cgs, but at least there was variety! As you can see I'm upset that I spent that much money for this game.

I've finished Fubuki, Kirishima, and Taruhi's routes, but I don't really feel like doing the "Ossan's route" maybe the childhood friend's route though. XP I still have to finish Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki from Landkarte, so I guess I will put this game on hold for a while.


Oh, by the way Ozmafia! is pushed all the way to June! It better be worth my $70 bucks man! I don't want it to turn out to be like "Vampire Sweetie" where it was just the same old cgs repeated over and over. :P

My favorite characters are Caramia, Axel, and Caesar! <3 I've played the trial game and I was very impressed, so let's just see how well it turns out! :D
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