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31 December 2037 @ 10:15 am

Hello all! This is my journal.  I usually journal about manhwa/manga/anime or anything in general that interests me at the moment. I will also, update/discuss about my doujinshi collection now and then. This journal will be semi friends-locked only to be able to download files on here (pw locked files). You need to be an active LJ user to be added to my friends list.


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11 July 2016 @ 09:36 pm
Wow, I haven't been here for a while. I'm just trying to keep things still alive on here, so I stopped by to make a quick comment! :D
07 April 2015 @ 07:00 pm

It's been a year since I last updated my livejournal page. Well lots of things happened, obviously. It's been almost a whole year since I lost someone dear to me. It's surprising how time flies, but I can never forget what happend. How could I, the funeral was held right after my birthday and she died 6 days before my birthday just 3 days before her birthday. My cousin also gave birth to her baby daughter on the funeral day. Its probably just all coincidental, but I can't help thinking that it was a sign. This was the first time I've ever lost someone dear to me and it makes me sad that she will never know how much people cried for her because people are too busy with life that they don't take the time to show their love to that person until its too late. I've realized that nowdays the word "love" is so over used. A classmate once told me she "loved everyone in class." I remember thinking to me myself "no you don't" don't mistake "sympathy" for "love" its not the same thing. Love means you're willing to sacrifice yourself for someone else be that feelings or work. The mere words like "love" means nothing to me unless their love is shown through their actions only then will I call that love. Love is "work" not in the sense that is obligatory, but the fact that you're letting go of your selfisness to care and respect that person despite knowing thier flaws. That's why I find "love at first sight" to be ludicrious.

Okay, on to less depressing news. I still haven't given up on my collection, though I admit there were several times where I told myself to give up that hobby, but in the end it came out victorious when I found new Circles and fandoms. I've completely given up on collecting newer fandoms for the newer anime/manga/game etc. series, but I have been going back to find other unknown Circles for my older fandoms like Rurouni Kenshin and Escaflowne. All these new stuff just don't interest me at all. :P Also I found out that for one of my older fandoms I became a real "crack pairing" fan. I had started out as a fan of the main pairing in the anime and I still am, but now I'm also a crack pairing fan, so that means there's more to buy. T.T

03 March 2014 @ 12:14 am
It's been a couple months since the last time I've updated and I guess with blogger/wordpress/forums/tumblr/twitter one just can't keep up with all those social networks. Yes, I know I'm like many people I always end up having a bunch of blogs or whatever so now I don't use livejournal that much. But I'm planning to be more active on here though I wasn't that much to begin with. My point is this place is kind of special to me since I still have that small connection to other still active LJ users. :D Plus livejournal was my very first(?) ever "blog" so I think it's cool to keep this place still going. :D Honestly I don't think I have that much readers, but I don't care since I'm just writing crap that pertains to me and I don't really care about trying to make my journal "attractive" to people. I'm just me, being me. :D

My doujinshi collection is ever growing...though slowly since I've been more careful about spending.^^;;; Trust me doujinshi collecting is addictive, it really sucks your wallet dry. T.T As for Drama CDs, during the past year 1/2 there was a sudden craze for drama cds, though I was pretty obsessed(?) before. The craze has died down for now, so hopefully nothing perks my interest this year. :(

Well that's all for now. sexysolo

Maybe next time I should share some of my new doujinshi.  XD
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24 July 2013 @ 02:42 pm
A few days ago I was cleaning my room so I decided to sell some of my doujinshi books and art books that were kept in boxes in my closet. In fact the boxes are taking up more room than my clothes. I was looking through my books and after looking at them I didn't feel like selling them anymore. It's pretty easy getting your hands on these books, but it doesn't mean that these books were cheap to get. There were some doujinshi books that I managed to sell, but I just couldn't sell my art books. I guess taking them out to look at them again made me appreciate them.

One of my favorite artist is known for her water color paintings and detailed drawings. In my art book collection I only have a few of her art pieces, but I'm glad I have at least some of her works. :D As for her professional works so far I know that she has released 2 comic works and worked on several novel cover images. Sadly, her comic didn't make it big so her 9 chapter comic was never published in book format. I was super desperate so I managed to get her 9 chapter comic, but I was unable to get her full-color one-shot.

There's lot's of talented artists that I also like, but I don't know much about them. :( I wish I could see more.

24 July 2013 @ 10:49 am

I just finished playing Ozmafia!! 2 days ago since my game didn't arrive until 2 1/2 weeks after the official release. *whew* This game felt so long because of the various choice selections. I'm very impressed that this game was created by only 2 people. I didn't run into any trouble with the system and with the new patch everything went smoothly. The storyline was very humorous. :D Poni-Pachet SY added unexpected surprises to their characters, which I found very enjoyable when a character turned out different than what I had expected. I also thought this game would be light and fluffy, but I was wrong especially during the brothel route I felt should be 17+. My favorite characters in order would be Axel, Caesar, Kyrie, Scarlet, Paschet, So, Robin Hood, Hameln, Caramia, & Manboy.

I really liked Axel's character because I found him very adorable. But I didn't like his first route when he lost his heart and then getting it back in the end, the ending seemed to end too abruptly. :( I ranked Caesar number 2 because I liked his character design the most and I liked his endings, followed by Kyrie. He surprised me since he was the queen, bully, and jerk -type so I usually stay away from those characters, but I found his character to be very amusing. But one thing I'm really debating about is did he really love Fuka? I mean after reading the "grand finale" I just had this weird feeling that he's a pedobear. He will always only love Dorthy? It seems that way since he said he would never forget her and is the only one who remembers her when everyone forgot. So that makes Fuka Dorthy's replacement?
Scarlet and Paschet are tied even since I liked their character designs and character personalities, but I don't like to capture "little boys" and I'm not in interested in girls. So,was okay I don't have anymore words. You get it so-so? I didn't like Robin Hood's route, he used her then ended up with her. It just kept making me think like "do you really love her, even though you decided to move on after your wife died?" He kept confirming Fuka's love for him, but he never actually confirmed his love for her in the end (if I'm wrong correct me on that). Sure he told her he liked her too, but tricked her so it just made his credibility very low in my eyes. Hameln's "route" was... I guess it was just there I wasn't interested in it at all. As for Caramia I felt like he was too older-brother type of guy, but later on I ended up hating his character when I learned he was sleeping  around with hoes. :P Lastly, Manboy was ranked last  although I would have ranked him much higher if it wasn't for the 2 brothel guys in his route. It's actually not his ending, but their ending including Alfani and Dorian Gray the 2 brothel guys. Alfani was a slut but is to be expected since he's the #1 prostitute. Dorian Gray was... well he's a oyaji-creeper, the only "sort-of-normal" guy was Manboy. Sadly though the 2 brothel brothers come as a package, so I say no to that. :P

My complaints would be that I wanted full voice for all characters including Fuka and scene replays. I know I can always go back to replay the character routes or load scenes from saved files (a lot) if I wanted to see the scenes again, but it just get's a bit tiresome. ^^;;;

Also I'm kind of pissed at the "grand ending" because it makes everything that happened "you choosing the guy" worthless. I mean Caesar is gone so there' no more love. You find out that Kyrie actually loves Dorthy and using Fuka as a substitute? So actually ends up with Dorthy cause he doesn't want her to be alone. There's just so much contradiction...I can't say that I like this game that much anymore.

I guess Axel will be the only character I like out of this whole game. I liked his character design second only to Caesar and I liked his story. The NTR routes in his routes were heart wrenching cause I felt so bad for him. T.T And off course I love Satoi's art!!! XD

I wouldn't say this game was a waste of my money since the reason I purchased this game was for Satoi's art. But I wouldn't say this is my favorite game either. So sad, I was really looking forward to having an awesome romance game. Instead I get a bunch of hoes, a dumb heroine, and a terrible grand ending. I wished the Grand Ending wasn't there, instead Dorthy's story should be in the main story. I didn't want Caesar gone and I didn't like Kyrie's revelation that he's probably a pedobear. :P

Next time in the future I hope Satoi's art ends up in a good game. I didn't like diabolik lovers either. :P

Ugh I'm so disappointed I feel like stopping otome gaming permanently...:(

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! How could you do this to me I was so looking forward to this game?!?!!! щ(ಥДಥщ)


....I had to revise my post after reading some reviews cause my Japanese is rather poor...:P I found out things I wish I shouldn't have...T.T

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02 May 2013 @ 09:52 pm
Well, I'm finally done with all my finals! Thank goodness!!! I have to say though that April and the start of May did not have the best weather at all. In fact this year was the longest winter I've ever experienced with snow falling up to 4 inches in the middle of APRIL! And guess what yesterday was the 1st DAY of May and it snowed, seriously it snowed! I'm not liking this weather at all, just two weeks before it was in the high 70s and now we're down to the 40s(?). I didn't even get to experience spring yet, there were no flowers or green trees at all. *Sigh* this is really depressing considering that I will be graduating this month. Let's just hope it doesn't snow or rain. :(
28 April 2013 @ 10:03 am
Yeah, I'm playing Sakuragatari right now and let's just say I'm disappointed partly due to the fact that the amount of cgs for each character is low. This game costs around $90-$100 and I was expecting it to have a lot of cgs with variety. Yet, I get a game where only 1 character gets 19 cgs, the other 18, and the rest 13-14, with barely any variety to each cg! This game is not worth that much money, the smut scenes were mediocre at best, so all you girls who were anticipating for this--I know you are, will be disappointed. :P Seriously, I've played doujin games that were better than this. I had complaints for Koezaru wa Akai as well since I thought each character didn't have much cgs, but at least there was variety! As you can see I'm upset that I spent that much money for this game.

I've finished Fubuki, Kirishima, and Taruhi's routes, but I don't really feel like doing the "Ossan's route" maybe the childhood friend's route though. XP I still have to finish Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki from Landkarte, so I guess I will put this game on hold for a while.


Oh, by the way Ozmafia! is pushed all the way to June! It better be worth my $70 bucks man! I don't want it to turn out to be like "Vampire Sweetie" where it was just the same old cgs repeated over and over. :P

My favorite characters are Caramia, Axel, and Caesar! <3 I've played the trial game and I was very impressed, so let's just see how well it turns out! :D
This manga has got to be one of my most favorite manga. Putting aside the spectacular art I find Akira to be a very adorable character who knows how to express her feelings. Tetsuo is also a likeable character when he's not an ass. :P I first read this manga in 2009, but shortly after I stopped reading it despite the fact that I like this manga quite a lot. The reason being is that I know for certain that Tetsuo will end up fucking everything up. I know this because in YOSHIDA Motoi's Mizu no Iro Gin no Tsuki we learn that Tetsuo (who is a side character in this manga) ends up with Hanami. I freakin' had to read this manga twice to make sure the guy was actually Tetsuo. The relationship they have in Mizu no Iro Gin no Tsuki takes place after Tetsuo's relationship with Akira, so I'm guessing he breaks it off with Akira finally realizing his true feelings he has for Hanami (not that we don't already know), then a year or so goes by and he finally ends up with Hanami. At least that's what I think happens because in Mizu no Iro Gin it makes several references to the past where Testuo meets Hanami for the first time that leads me to think that the setting probably takes place shortly after Tetsuo graduates from art school since in Natsu no Zenjitsu he's already a 4th year student.

I'm going to flip when Akira and Testuo don't end up together at the ending. I mean FLIP, seriously. So I decided it would be best to drop the series before I get too serious about reading it to only end up being disappointed.  :P

I can see this as an example of "first time experiences" kind of story. I really hate those since I'm the type to think that there's only one time for everything. Yeah I'm still a pure girl at heart. :)

I'm pretty sure the author knows that her fans will hate the ending. I'm hoping that somehow the author changes the ending, but I don't see that happening after all the author is known for her not so happy endings. :(
10 January 2013 @ 11:31 pm
Yeah, I got my version of Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari ~Gensou Yawa (damn freakin' long title) a month ago and today seriously I've finally finished with it. This game is quite simple there is no pathway selection to complete a character route, you just play each character's epilogue for the Good & Bad endings. Once you've completed those two endings the third story will appear in which the Good ending is told from the character's (Majima, Mizuhito, etc.) perspective. Right that sounds easy, so why did I take so long to complete the game?

Well, it only took me about 10 minutes or so (*EDIT* It might have been 10-20 minutes maybe for each story). I couldn't figure how the heck do I unlock the freakin' "reward" section. I kept thinking that there was some sort of trick that I needed to select the character's stories in a particular order to unlock the reward page. I swear I played the game more than 100 times starting with Mizuhito's route, followed by Majima, and so forth. I kept switching the characters routes, but that damn reward page didn't appear at all. I eventually gave up, until today I was suddenly motivated again to attempt another try because I really wanted to see the bonus stuff for the new character and to hear his voice.

Finally, finally I figured it out! Please read this, if you were stuck like me. I will be able to save you from hours of frustration. Okay here it is all you need to do is complete every character's quiz/questionnaire in the mini-game. That's all there is to it, once it's completed a small message box will pop up on her mini-game screen that the reward has been unlocked. Both reward pages will be open on the regular game. The bonus cg will pop up once you've completed the reward pages.

So yeah...about the reward page... well this is a spoiler for those of you who haven't played the game. But the new handsome character is actually Saburo. Sorry to break it to you guys. I know I was extremely disappointed when I found that out. I didn't read everything since I was too disgusted with Saburo. The Saburo bonus has two options you can choose from when you first start out:

1.) Hot spring
2.) Yuriko's house.

If you choose the hot spring option, that bastard Saburo follows you there. You select which character you want to be with at the hot springs and of course Saburo is going to make an appearance.

If you're into BL I guess it's fine...I just hope what I'm saying is correct since I'm not that good with my Japanese. ^^;;;
If you select Shiba, Yuriko tells him that she wants to blindfold him because it's embarrassing since she's naked. Shiba agrees to be blindfolded. Yuriko switches places with Saburo and blindfolded Shiba thinks it's Yuriko. Shiba touches Saburo as a result Saburo moans out loud. Hearing this Shiba says that Yuriko has a low voice (WTF can't you tell the difference?)...in the end Saburo yells "You were really after my body!" Thank god, nothing further happened after that! *whew*

In Mizuhito's story the three of them are there and Mizuhito comments that he wants Saburo to be his model because Saburo is very beautiful and he loves beautiful things. I don't remember what else happened since I just skimmed through. As for the other characters I didn't even bother to read their stories.

Mizuhito: I've finally found it! You’re my ideal model!

As you can see I'm not that delighted about this "new transformed" Saburo, nor did I like his old look either. Pretty or not I just really hate this character. Sure his new transformation is cute, but it's really Saburo inside so that's a turn off. XP If Aromarie had made the new character someone else I might have enjoyed it a lot more. Oh well, at least I liked the voice acting for this character. Not the old ugly Saburo though. *eww*

Okay, the second bonus is just about all guys greeting you with cat ears.
Ah, Majima looked so cute!XD

I'm just really happy that the whole game is voiced including the bonuses. Also, Aromarie updated on their site with the new voice patch for the bonus in the first game! XD
14 November 2012 @ 03:44 pm
So, there are some new updates with sample images of the drama cd for Majima and Mizuhito and a new cover for the game(?). I prefer the previous cover that was advertised, for some reason the new image cover just looks strange with Mizuhito sitting above Yuriko's head, I mean the whole composition of where the characters of game are placed is awkward. :P I don't like it at all.


25 October 2012 @ 08:14 pm
It's not been so long since I've written something about otome games, but I wanted  to catch up on writing down which games I've completed over the summer. As you may know already the only games that I usually play are eroge games, so this summer the only 2 games I played were Trick or Alice and Koezaru Ha Akai Hana. Trick or Alice was sort of interesting and it did help pass time, but I wouldn't call it my favorite game. There were some new things to Hiyo's writing, but all in all I felt like it was just like the other games (i.e. UTM, IMM, Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori). On the other hand Koezaru Ha Akai Hana was interesting I really liked how the game played with the graphics especially the Toya cg scenes, that was new and pretty neat it was like reading a comic. Overall, I liked the main character because she could actually kick butt instead of the usual "cute" almost air head chicks like "Arisa/Alice" from Trick or Alice. Also, not like other otome games her "friends" found partners themselves, which was new since otome games generally focuses on the main character and the guy you are trying to win for her. This was a beautiful game, the character designs were great, cg awesome, and storyline was pretty interesting. I guess the only thing I wanted was more cgs and it would be pretty awesome if Operetta due created a fan-disc.

But none of these games will ever win the place of my most favorite otome game, Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari. This is the first game where I actually liked all the main male characters even Fujita with the exception of his creepy old voice. Of course, the bad endings totally f*cked up the characters, which really ruined it for me. Will they stop making them into psychos in bad endings! But I only really paid attention to the good endings, so it's all good. :D

In early September I found news that Aromarie is going to create a fandisc for this game, which was something I've been anticipating because I really felt that Majima needed more to his story. I believe I wrote about it somewhere on my LJ. but anyways from the game advertisements the game is a continuation of the "good" and "bad" endings. Although, I'm not so sure if it's going to cover both endings for all the characters, I hope Aromarie didn't make a sequel to Fujita's bad endings or the other raeping endings. Turns out they are going to make a sequel to Fujita's bad endings, it's pretty safe to say that the ALL 5 characters will have a special "after" story for both good and bad endings.

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20 October 2012 @ 10:13 pm
I'm back and my doujinshi collection has continued to shrink and expand. I thought it was a good idea to sell the doujin books I don't really want in order to help me buy the ones I really want. Right now I'm thinking about selling most of my Gintama doujin books and some other books. So we'll see how that goes. :D
15 August 2012 @ 12:56 am

I played the trial version of this game a while back and I thought I should share some of my thoughts about two of the characters in this game. From the trial game you learn that there is friction between Suren and Nooru as the game explains it they are "opposites." My personal opinion of two concludes with these words Suren is a dumb perverted brute and Nooru is well it's hard to explain he's a devil with an angel's face? I can't explain who is worse the dumb perverted brute or the crude pretty devilish Nooru. As I can you can see I don't have high opinions of them, but I'll give it to Nooru that he seems to have more brains than Suren.

After finding some spoilers for chapter 2 & 3 for Sono Saki no Fuukei  it's for sure that this is an incest story. For now, I think it's one-sided on the brother's side I believe the "younger sister" is clueless about his feelings since they are blood-related not step-siblings or anything like that. But she does get jealous of the girlfriend so who knows it might not be one-sided. From what I got I think the brother is using his girlfriend/lover as a substitute for his sister. His girlfriend isn't clueless, so she starts to question his nightly visit to his sister's room. He replies by saying he's just checking on his sister in case she dies in her sleep or something along those lines. According to the spoilers,  the girlfriend says that "when she (sister) sleeps he holds her." I believe the brother doesn't really care  and  so that's why he willingly suggested for them to break up but of course, she refuses to. The girlfriend is also, a druggy with the help of her brother actually it's more like the brother is giving her drugs. Here's my thought on that, I think he drugs her so after their done with their nightly business she's knocked out cold so that gives him time to visit his sister's room.
As for chapter 3 there's a scene where I guess the sister is asking the brother to choose between her and his girlfriend. I'm just guessing on this part because the girlfriend is practically glued on to him whereas the sister is telling him to choose whether he cares for her or wants her to die quickly. She then goes further to ask what she means to him.
Well, that's all I have now, I will try again to look for more spoilers. I really wish volume 1 comes out soon I really want to buy it!!! Fujiwara Kaoru is my most favorite manga artist I absolutely love her style of drawing it's beautiful!